How To Set Up Communications Equipment In A Small Workplace Startup

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If you are a new computer business or a startup, you know that money can be tight. This may mean that you have to rent or purchase a smaller facility to work out of than you would prefer. If your office must use many computers, monitors, and tech equipment, you know how important it is to be able to properly access all of the equipment that you need. You also need to make sure that the equipment that you invest in is well kept and lasts as long as possible. Here are some ways that you can set up and store communications equipment in a small workplace to make sure that it is accessible and safe. 

Store servers in lockers

If you have servers inside of your office, these need to be kept in the best condition possible. Since all of your data will be stored inside of your personal server, this will be the lifeline of your business. Servers should be stored in ventilated lockers so that they cannot be knocked or tilted over and damaged. Make sure that you use a server lift in order to lift the server and place the server in a storage locker off the floor. This will keep the server from getting in the way of spills or tripping employees. For more information, contact Rack Lift or a similar company.

Bolt screens to the wall

If you have computer monitors or television screens that you use for your business, bolting these to the wall will save space and it will make sure that these are not tilted over. Select wall mounts that will properly hold the screen sizes for the different monitor and television sizes that you utilize. Select wall mounts that will allow you to tilt or rotate the screen as needed. This will provide employees with as much comfort as they need. 

Set up a chair rail for wires

Since screens will be bolted against the wall, work desks will also need to be set against the wall. Since you will have wires and lines running from the screens and other electronics, it is best to make sure these are held firmly against the wall and not running throughout the workplace. This will keep employees safe and make sure that nothing can be dislodged or pulled from its place from tripping. Install a chair railing and crown molding in order to properly blend the railing into the wall.This will hide the wires and it will make sure that your small workplace is not visually distracting either.