Four Ways To Build A Custom HTPC For Your Home Entertainment Needs

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Home entertainment has come a long way since the days of VHS cassettes. Today, there are many different types of media that people enjoy from the comfort of their sofas. This can include things like games, music, Internet and communications. Even if you do not play games, you may want some special features for your HTPC, such as features to edit videos, chat with family or stay up to date with the latest news media. If you want an HTPC adapted to your needs, here are some features to consider:

1. Choosing A Compact Case Design That Matches Other Devices

There are many different types of computer cases, but for an HTPC, you may not want to have a huge tower. There are many compact tower designs that can match other appliances like home theater speakers. Micro ATX towers can give you all the space you need with a tower that looks like it belongs in your entertainment center.

2. Installing A Motherboard That Gives Room For Expansion

You will also need to have a motherboard for your HTPC. You can get many simple motherboards with integrated graphics and components. If you plan on gaming, watching and editing videos, and you want to be ready for new technologies, invest in a board that you can expand upon. You will want one that has PCI expansion and slots for more memory when it is needed. You may also want to have a board with as many USB ports as possible to connect other devices to your machine.

3. Adding The Right Amount Of Memory To Support Your Needs

Depending on what you want to do with your HTPC, you will need more or less memory. It is a good idea to start with at least 8 GB of RAM, and expand on it if it is needed. This will be the minimal amount of RAM that you can have for good video performance. If you are going to be editing videos and playing the latest video games, you may want to invest in more memory from the start.

4. Choosing The Right Components For What You Want Out Of Your HTPC

Choosing the right components for your system is another choice you are going to face. If you want to connect traditional TV, consider a television card or a graphics card that supports TV. You may also want to have a sound card and internal USB hub for connecting additional components to your system. If you want to have faster response, you may also want to use solid-state hard drives for your system.

These are some of the features that to consider for the HTPC you want to build for your entertainment center. If you need help with repairs and upgrades to build an HTPC, contact a computer store in Fort McMurray to get everything you need to build your HTPC.